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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Profit systems that do not belong to Affiliates (e-marketing commission)

Introduction to forms of make money online:

There are many forms of make money online, including what is not considered a sale commission or e-marketing does not depend in any way on the sale of products or complete offers various private companies.

And other forms of online business and make a profit:

1 - PPC ads or pay-per-clicks like Google Adsense.
2 - CPM ads or pay-per-impression.
3 - a Forex currency trading online.
4 - Private ads;
ads that are placed in your site
;but are placed by you.
5 - sites upload, sites that give you a percentage of the profits on each 1000 download.

PPC ads to pay for clicks:
Profit surfaced roads through the ads PPC or Pay Per Click , a pay-per- clicks , and there are many , but a lot of companies that offer this service and most famous company that provides this service is Google Inc., under a system called Google Adsense.
Some of these companies put your site under review for a period to make sure that your site is compatible with the conditions and their own policies and some of them will accept your site upon registration .These systems are not characterized by great returns with small sites or sites that specialize in certain areas and the areas of entertainment and often also linked to the subject upon which come from visitors who click on the advertisement .
These sites after placing advertisements on your site to send spiders scan the content of your site and show you ads similar to him for example if your site is talking about hosting Web sites will find ads in your site speak for hosting companies and hosting offers.

CPM ads pay for impressions:

This system is available largely in companies such as the former regime PPC and the meaning of the CPM or Cost Per Impression is a pay-per-thousand impressions, and here you get paid companies, for example, $ 2 for every thousand impressions for the ad in your site and characterized these ads as there is no set price for the price pressure varies from announcement to another or from one specialty to another.

In order to achieve a higher profit from your website by this system should your site has a large number of daily visits and the number of pages that have been viewed fairly large.

Most of these companies are simply accepting participate without check your location.


or in other word "Online Stock Exchange" , here customers speculative money because they do not rely on anything other than the money in other words (Currency Speculation).
You can subscribe to any of the companies that offer these services and will work with them to give them a certain amount and the speculation in the forex by buying its low price and then sell them at high prices, and so on.

Private Ads:

And here you are controlling the first and last in the amount of profit realized by this system where you are the of the place ads in agreement with the people you directly to the price of a monthly announcement, for example, and always be these ads for very large sites, which contain a large number of visitors per day.

To be agreed with the person who wants advertising in your site with banner design its own or is the design and give it to you.

Monthly payment is often in this system or according to the agreement between you and the client.

Upload sites :
sites wich give you a price for every 1,000 Download of any file that has been uploaded them in their most simplicity will go to any site of upload and create an account and do the upload of one or more files and bulletin in the online world and any person who downloaded the file is calculated for you in the number of Download on your account and when completion of a thousand are added the amount agreed upon in your company.
Often payment versus a thousand Download is different from one country to another , it is possible to find in the same company, the price of a thousand Download loaded from the United States and Canada $ 5 , and Egypt $ 1 of course, this point depends on the profitability of the site through the ads they put them on the site and as we got PPC ads in that price differs from the announcement of clicks to another and from one country to another .

Good luck :)

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