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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Make money online-The third part of a series of profit from the Internet

Welcome to the third part of the series Make Money Online. In this article we will address many of the things that you should be aware of them when choosing the appearance or the template for your blog and some other things are important to ensure the passage of your readers a beautiful experience when you visit your blog.

The template code or design is a very personal choice . For this reason , it is difficult to determine the template code standard or special fits all blogs. To transfer that while the content of your blog represents the king , the template is a blog Castle King . This should be easy to use , comfortable to the eye and to the extent possible easy browsing. When someone enter on the main page of your blog or any other page of them , you should not find it difficult to find what they are looking for . Remember that you have only a few seconds to convince the visitor to stay for some time and not out , so you should be alert to this. I have seen many blogs with good content , but , due to the poor selection of colors, ad placements , site structure , and page load time is it ... I personally not visit such blogs as well as do others. When this happens , you lose a large number of visitors to your site , and if you are trying to make money via the internet , the rule says , no visitors = no money .

Here we come to the most important, here is a list of the items that I would advise them to pass Visitors beautiful experience when they settle guests on the forums:

- A good division of the Code and Accessibility:
Good and easy division is essential for any professional forums ! The threads should be the most important and articles divided and classified in the form of well represented Blog Categories list to be easy to access and browsing by the reader .

- The time it takes to load the page:
Google not only gives great attention to the load time of your web pages , which is considered a factor in the ranking of sites, download time is probably one of the most important factors in your blog template . Visitors arriving to your blog will not wait more than 10-15 seconds to fully load the page before they decide it takes a lot of time and leave. While images amended thousand words , but the excessive use of it increases the load time of your blog pages . Scripts are also one of the main reasons that make web pages take a lot of time to load.

- A lot of ads:
Pop-ups,  (Widgets) , Banners, flash ads, ... may be annoying to visitors, make the site difficult to use and buried your articles in a sea of chaos .

- Outdated information
The modernization of outdated information blog is like to tell you one now that Google is the biggest search engine on it Newsflash . If you want to correct the information or use it as a reference , it's fine , but do not speake about something is not new news .

- Mark Entries simple backgrounds:
White or light colors usually are best. Entries backgrounds should not interfere with the content of the page so that annoy users, and they are trying to read your articles . The text must be clear and easily through the concept used for background . If you want to use in the form of background image , select the one with quiet colors .

- Spelling:
While no one is infallible , it is always advisable to check the spelling in the latter before the publication of the article .

- Compatible browser:
While Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser , there are other browsers available on the Internet. Many different browsers , such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera , etc., pages may show very different forums . Check as much as possible of how the appearance of your blog in different browsers and avoid ingredients that only appear correctly in certain browsers .

- Other things:
Photos do not carry properly, broken links , and links to the wrong pages , etc. , are the also alienated reasons visitors . Check your links once every certain period using many of the SEO tools that are available for free. This ensures that any links provided by your visitors have Ergonomics and most importantly , do not hurt
Your ranking
in search engines.
In the latter , as I mentioned earlier , there is no specific proposal and perfect template for your blog , but avoid some of the things that I mentioned earlier , will help your blog stand out much better , especially if you want to make money via the internet . If there is anything you think it should be added to the above , please participated with us in the comments .

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