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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Best CPA companies in the world and how to subscribe to it

In this article we will talk about the best companies the CPA network marketing commission, and how to subscribe to it and it forces you to be the mother site owner does not .. All this talk about in detail in this article, but before that let in the beginning we recognize what is meant by the CPA companies.

What are the CPA companies:

Companies are helping advertisers find marketers (publishers) for specific products for a commission, agreed and those companies provide many offers that can be a publisher
Marketing it as follows:

1 - complete the questionnaire by visitors (sometimes requires a means payment such as credit card).
2 - Registration on the site
3 - Download a specific program as an experiment.

There are many companies that provide these offers, including:

1 - Commission junction
2 - Max Bounty
3 - CPA Way

The best companies in the world of the CPA :If our search a little bit in the online world under the word CPA will find lots and lots of companies in the world of the CPA , including those who work in the questionnaires , including those who work in downloads , but let's talk about the major companies in the world of the CPA.The beginning there is no better or stronger in the world of Commission Junction but we have to learn as a company primarily engaged in the sales commission , but there are many special offers Pal CPA This is the company of the most powerful companies affiliat generally , whether at the level of sales commission or the level of the CPA you must have a website before registering them because they are a company for webmasters but accept any site and easy to subscribe to it.Second company , a company Max Bounty and feature their offers powerful and the most lucrative in this area and also offers available for many countries, I remember a presentation available for the United Arab Emirates , but nothing wrong with this company that when you subscribe to your site should be strong and proportionate to the conditions , which is not easy .

 How to subscribe to the CPA companies:

CPA firms for webmasters and this means that he must of owning a site to participate in these companies.

Does not activate your account once you subscribe, but take the time to review your account and data recorded.

subscribe with correctly e-mail and always be his followers because the message will receive the activation e-mail, which you subscribe.

Check the Terms company carefully before signing up for not breaking their rules or laws making your risk and could be blocked.

Write your name and address correctly because the check will be issued in your name and send it to the address you pose when you register.

Unfortunately I do not have a site to participate in these companies , what i should do ?
Do not worry there is a solution strongly give me your attention at this point because they are important to you should be a site on the Internet , whether it was free or was driven by ( preferably ) to participate in these companies
Examples of free sites : Blogger - WordPress - and wear
Sites paid of course be booked domain of your own and link area and create what you want attic whether ) site HTML - or Blog WordPress or forum ( and my favorite here a special site and it blog WordPress will be described in detail the work of blog and Lauder price on your own site
What do you think that we make a blog that specializes in free software downloads

NOW we had a site, and then what?

The site is equipped form but remained something before signing up, namely the content of the site.

Now we have created a blog talking about free software and experimental As mentioned before where we content to put it in the code and go to participate in companies

First you must know that it is not permissible for you that you transfer content from other sites to copy and paste only been your block of Google and not properly visibility in the search engines if what can I do?

You go to the sites of companies that provide software like "avast" there it copied tested offers at the official site has a free Take your link to load the program and also will find some pictures to explain the program and bass can look at YouTube for videos related to the program and go to the blog to create a theme Senior has integrated all corners of the topic distinguished now ( download link from the company + pictures to explain the program + video to explain the main features of the program ) and repeat the same subject with the rest of the programs
In this way we have we had a good content initially positioned to participate in any company of the CPA  and we will explain participate in detail only continued attached to watch videos how to sign up in the right way.

Good luck :)

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