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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The second part of a series:Ideas to work on services sites

We have already mentioned in the first part some ideas that will help you to start providing your services on services sites to make a good profit and I have explained how to make a good profit from Yooker.

Today we will cite some ideas that will help you to creat a good job on the services sites,

The first idea:

I will show for you in this idea a rule applied guarantee you that you will provide differentiated services without having the experience for anything!!!

So how is it!
service! And Exclusive! And even odder than that without any experience?

Yes, you can:

The rule is: Do not required to have experience in the field of what services are provided through the service sites, but you can provide any service without any experience with the help of the person experienced.

 Let's say for example you want to service design propaganda services sites which service is required, but you do not know anything about the design propaganda you can implement what you ask of services (design propaganda) with the help of the Office of Advertising on the ground in line with them, for example, to do the job every design compared to 10 pounds if you are Egyptian and you are providing service to five dollars and deduct them from the site, which offers services through a single dollar, you have to stay four dollars and their value after deducting a commission conversion equal to about 20 pounds, or a little more.

The audited the interest of this application, we will find that you have achieved a gain of 50% of the value of the service without having any experience in the domain of design propaganda, if we apply this idea is not only to design propaganda but on all Domains, such as translation and others.
 You'll discover in the end that I put between your hands the idea of ​​thee distinct professional services provider with ease and without any experience in any of the areas. 

In the following article we will expand more and mention other ideas characteristic to achieve the greatest return from service sites.

If you have any queries or perhaps other ideas or would like to just comment on this idea comments box below

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