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Saturday, August 15, 2015

How does the forex market differ from other markets ?

Unlike stocks, futures or options, currency trading does not take place on a regulated exchange

 It is not controlled by any central governing body, there are no clearing houses to guarantee the trades and there is no arbitration panel to adjudicate disputes. All members trade with each other based on credit agreements. Essentially, business in the largest, most liquid market in the world 
.depends on nothing more than a metaphorical handshake

At first glance, this ad-hoc arrangement must seem bewildering to investors who are used to structured exchanges such as the NYSE or CME. (To learn more, see Getting To Know Stock Exchanges.) However, this arrangement works exceedingly well in practice; because participants in FX must both compete and cooperate with each other, self regulation provides very effective control over the market. Furthermore, reputable retail FX dealers in the United States become members of the National Futures Association (NFA), and by doing so they agree to binding arbitration in the event of any dispute. Therefore, it is critical that any retail customer who contemplates trading currencies do so only through an NFA member firm

The FX market is different from other markets in some other key ways that are sure to raise 
eyebrows. Think that the EUR/USD is going to spiral downward? Feel free to short the pair at will. There is no uptick rule in FX as there is in stocks. There are also no limits on the size of your position (as there are in futures); so, in theory, you could sell $100 billion worth of currency if you had the capital to do it. If your biggest Japanese client, who also happens to golf with the governor of the Bank of Japan tells you on the golf course that BOJ is planning to raise rates at its next meeting, you could go right ahead and buy as much yen as you like. No one will ever prosecute you for insider trading should your bet pay off. There is no such thing as insider trading in FX; in 

fact, European economic data, such as German employment figures, are often leaked days before they are officially released
Before we leave you with the impression that FX is the Wild West of finance, we should note that this is the most liquid and fluid market in the world. It trades 24 hours a day, from 5pm EST Sunday to 4pm EST Friday, and it rarely has any gaps in price. Its sheer size and scope (from Asia to Europe to North America) makes the currency market the most accessible market in the 

Where is the commission in forex trading
Investors who trade stocks, futures or options typically use a broker, who acts as an agent in the transaction. The broker takes the order to an exchange and attempts to execute it as per the customer's instructions. For providing this service, the broker is paid a commission when the customer buys and sells the tradable instrument. (For further reading, see our tutorial.) 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

University Will Give Anyone an MBA Degree, Even a Dog

You know a university is shady when even a dog can get a Master’s degree. Yes, you heard right – in order to unmask the American University of London (AUOL), BBC Newsnight had Pete the dog apply for an MBA at the American University of London (AUOL). After paying £4,500, the furry “management consultant” actually received his degree.
AUOL is a bogus university which prays on the naivete of people who want to bulk up their resume in preparation for that executive dream-job interview. The so-called educational institution offers distance learning courses that, according to their website, “have been designed to the most exacting standards, in accordance with the most stringent criteria, in order to provide outstanding education at an affordable price.” AUOL then issues corresponding degrees and post-graduate qualifications in business, IT, law, education and liberal arts, humanities and English. Newsnight managed to uncover AUOL’s fraudulent money-making business by setting up a fake identity and CV for the lovely hound Pete. Thus, Peter Smith was born, a management consultant from South London with an undergraduate degree from a real UK University. After e-mailing them his CV and paying £50 – the mandatory application fee, Peter was asked to provide the institution photocopies of his previous qualifications and a photograph of himself. Of course, Pete did not oblige as his resume was made-up and his long dog face could not pass as a real man. Nonetheless, four days later, Pete received a message from AUOL stating that his application for a degree had been processed and that in two weeks he was going to be registered as an MBA graduate. All he had to do was to provide them with £4,500.

Photo: BBC
Surprised, Pete aka the Newsnight crew, inquired about what kind of work he would have to submit in order to earn that said degree. AUOL said that his 15 years of experience in the field were sufficient to qualify him for an MBA. “No, no, apparently the APEL [Accreditation of Previous Experiential Learning] board awarded him the full degree immediately based on his qualification and his professional experience, so he doesn’t have to do any courses,” AUOL answered. Hundreds of senior executives who had written AUOL qualifications in their resumes, were tracked down by the curious crew just to find out about the kind of painstaking work they had to provide in order to earn their phony credentials. It was no surprise that all of them stated they had worked very hard for their AUOL degrees. A psychologist from Birmingham and expert advisor in court cases, Dr Robert Oakes, submitted such good work that he got his AUOL PhD in just five months. Oaks said that his previous 18 months conducting research had been an asset to him in the process of earning his PhD. Apparently Oakes was very surprised to find out that AUOL wasn’t accredited and has since removed the university’s qualifications from his CV.

Photo: AUOL

Another naive soul and senior nuclear industry executive in charge of selling a new generation of reactors in the UK, Dr Rita Bowser, also has a doctorate degree from AUOL but in business. She earned her degree by submitting “significant amounts of coursework.” We certainly believe Dr Bowser especially since her employer vouches that she is very qualified for her job and has 30 years experience in the field and a master’s from Georgia Tech. During their detective work, Newsnight found out not only that AUOL is not accredited but that it is not even present in London, with their real “headquarters” being St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, as clearly stated on their website. They also claim to be recognized by three also bogus American institutions. Moreover, their highly qualified lecturers haven’t even heard of AUOL. One of the unlucky academics who made it on their website as a supervisor, George Colin, states that “It doesn’t have authority to award degrees. They are not degrees. They are pieces of paper and I’m guessing they are not able to sell very many degrees into countries where English is the first language.”
In spite of the above, you can now breathe easy, because AUOL is a legitimate institution… according to AUOL.  “We are not a bogus university… and have always been upfront about our status. We have not applied for accreditation with any American, British or other official agency. Many graduates go on to higher education or hold important positions on the strength of our degrees.” Yes, that might be so, but just ‘cause it’s written on their CV doesn’t make it true
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top Google AdSense Alternatives - High Paying

AdSense Alternatives ! - This keyword is set to search for bloggers and publishers when they are sick and disapproval mails again . So if you are also one of those who do not miss this post because then you will get some paid alternatives to Google AdSense.As it seems that Google AdSense is the best advertising platform in the world where advertisers and publishers are busy and happy in ads . Most novice bloggers just depends on adsense monetization all is not good and also apply their blogs to get approved AdSense account. Moreover, Adsense network is growing day by day and are also very strict policies in which beginners are unable to get the account approved . Sometimes these blogs are private which comply with Adsense policies but has your choice to do or not an editor .Thus, beginners are disappointed at the moment and lose hope of making money with blogs. But wait , the world does not stop there, take a small example of the practice of everyday life. When you buy something at any store , simply take a mobile and is not available in this store that you do this time ? It is likely that other store you are in the mobile market . So if you do not give monetization adsense ads you can go to other alternatives. Well, it may be new and not know other alternatives , so here is a list of some of the adsense alternatives with some information.A.
 BuySellAdsBuySellAds is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense you can use to monetize your blog. This is not very different from adsense but you can make even more money than adsense. First, you will need to apply for a publisher account and once approved, you are ready to go . No need to create advertising space on your blog and your blog is listed in directory BuySellAds . IT advertisers can look at your blog and if anyone is interested in what advertising can buy advertising space on your blog for 30 days or few months . The price is set for each location. The more traffic you have, you can increase the price of placing ads most wins .Two . Media.netBing Yahoo contextual advertising network , also known as because they contract between . You can also make money from your blog with display their ads on your blog. Is CPM (Cost Per Thousand ) or RPM (revenue per mile) advertising network that pays you for miles of tracks just yet. As always , you must first apply and obtain approval of the application of codes of advertising on your blog to start monetizing your blog. In reports, is that RPM automatically adapts and high speed depends on the quality of traffic. If the ads get 1,000 impressions you get this RPM RPM lets suppose prices is $ 1. If the plan is $ 2 and receives 5,000 print ads will win $ 10.Three . InfolinksPeople also use Infolinks to monetize their textual content. We bloggers and wrote most of the articles in different niches for Infolinks is text content sites your ads are somewhat related to that. After adopting and implementing the ad code on your blog , ads appear differently. After adding code when you check your blog , a few words of text content containing links about it . In fact, this network advertising , the ads are shown on the textual content in which some words will become relevant links to the script itself yet. So when your readers will read your articles and someone clicks on the advertising links that are paid .April . PeerFlyPeerFly is something that can help you win big budget less traffic . This is completely different from all the networks and also through AdSense. Is CPA ( cost per action) international ad affiliate network that pays you to action. First, you will need to approved account and then you can see some of the different types of affiliate offers it. Is international and all categories of bids so you will need your browser offers related niche. After finding a job relevant to your blog niche that you can promote this offer on your blog by putting a flag , sending personalized emails for blog readers , blog, etc, and when one of their players take measures to ensure that the offers only assume Offer to buy something and if the player makes a purchase to be paid easily.May . ChitikaChitika is also popular and the best adsense alternative. Chitika is almost the same as adsense but some things are changed chitika . You must create a publisher account and have ad tags from there you have to implement your blog. The most relevant ads begin appearing on your site and when someone clicks on the ads you get paid . Things Chitika has advanced pop -up ads, classifieds chassis and certain types of ads more than they will help to earn extra income . Payments can be done easily with PayPal if PayPal is not available you can use the recording method to receive payment by check.Other AdSense Alternatives

Kontera : cost network advertising per click basis containing In-Text , mobile ads and displays . Minimum threshold of $ 50 payment with PayPal , Wire and check payment methods .
Clicksor : In- Text ads, text banners , display, pop -y types of interstitial ads can be found on the network. Minimum threshold of $ 50 and the time of payment are net 15 days.
Bidvertiser : Objectives and CPC banner ads also display text . Net 30 day payment period minimum threshold of $ 10 PayPal. Bank Transfer and Western Union are available .
Qadabra : Only display ads Qadabra and pay on a CPM . Threshold is only $ 1 to $ 500 PayPal and bank transfer.
Link Worth : This network has many of those ads , including specific text, display, sponsored posts , and In- Text. Payments are made every 30 days and the minimum threshold is $ 25 and $ 100 by bank transfer with PayPal .
PublicityClerks : Is buying flags and network of direct sales like BuySellAds . You will be paid when an advertiser buying ad space on your blog for 30 days. Payments are made through PayPal.
MadAdsMedia : Cost per thousand based advertising network that pays 1,000 impressions . Note: Your ads malware detection caused few days ago. Sooner or later, they may fix it, but be careful with them.
AdSide : Target Text , Mobile , In - Stock , In -Video , Pop- under ad type with $ 50 minimum payment limit Check.
Vibrant Media : redemption of the screen in text , picture -in and the types of image ads are available at the minimum threshold of the net $ 50 per check and bank transfer . Time is the net pay of 45 days.
Intellilinks : In - text only PayPal payment method and 30 days in ad net pay .
BlogAds : Flags of direct sales and shopping network where you can sell advertising space for 30 days. Price of advertising space are your own choice and payments are made through PayPal and bank transfer.
Tribal Fusion : It seems the best CPM ads network and the perfect alternative to adsense. Profits are high in the network being a member of them can be difficult. The minimum payment is $ 100 with PayPal and bank transfer.
Casale Media : This is the advertising network that pays based on CPM impressions . It can be the perfect alternative to adsense if approved there, but that only selects high traffic sites . The minimum payment of $ 25 via PayPal and Check.
Shareasale : cost per action affiliate program based advertising network that pays to complete the action.
Junction Release : advertising network based Pop- under ads display when any visitor leaves your website popup ads come and pay when someone clicks on the ads.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blogging Tips You Really Need To Know

Blogging is becoming one of the hottest trends on the web , many people are entering what has many fans hear what they have to say . If you are interested in blogging and the things it can do for you in your life , take note of the tips in this article.

When starting a blog, it is important to never give up . You will not have many readers of his first day , and even its first week, and that's fine . Just keep writing what you're passionate about , and readers will come to you .

Make sure you are productive with your blog. Do not waste your time watching TV or playing games where you can do things to make your blog to attract more visitors. When a blog is used to make money, you have to put hours of work into it.

Once you have created your blog , posters have guests write their blog. This gives players a new perspective on your location and allows you to benefit from the knowledge that you may not have . If you are using your blog for marketing , you can use guest blogging as a promotional tie-in . Ask the client to other popular exchange for promoting your blog blogs, while allowing others to do the same in your blog post .

Whenever possible, use header tags to separate specific sections of your blog. All different labels to be used is H1 , H2 , H3 tags . Also, make sure you use keywords excellent search engines when you can in all these different headers. Try breaking messages into manageable parts . This is a very easy tactic blogs, but unfortunately ignored. Do not write as if you were trying to run a marathon. Breaking into small pieces.This posts can help increase your SEO and can help create a clearer focus in writing. Actually , this can help you think better.

Having a blog that is very popular in your niche to put a link to your blog. This may take a few days to return to you, but do not be discouraged . It is important for the blog you want your link to appear on relevant to your niche .

Be sure to link to the authorities. If your site contains authorities , do not forget to link them. This may help readers understand what their preferences with their orientation. Knowing these facts can help you identify . Try to be accurate and consistent with their sources .

Your blog should offer an attractive and unique content to make it a success. For example , you should not only provide news updates that can be found elsewhere. There are many blogs already , and many of them are not successful. Make your blog stand out by offering their own unique opinions, or creating content that can not be found elsewhere.

The information provided in this article to be briefed on the subject of blogging. If you really enjoy taking a tool like blogging, then you can succeed in many fields, such as promoting a business or product. Blogs can open many doors for you , be sure to use it wisely.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Get a high profit from Forex With These Simple Strategies

Individual traders can make substantial profits in the forex market . Earning potential is very promising for those who have prepared and sought advice from reliable sources. It is advisable for new traders to get information and advice from those who have been on the market for some time. Hints and tips below will prove invaluable for any beginner trader in the Forex market .

Watch the news every day and be careful when you see reports on the countries that use the currency.
 Currencies can go up and down just based on rumors, usually start with the media. Sign up for text alerts or email for markets that trade news instantly.

If you really want to succeed in Forex, you must learn to make decisions without letting emotions get in the way. The benefits are twofold .
 A measure of risk management, and operations discourages impulse on the basis of hasty decisions. You can not cut all your emotions , but you have to put your rational mind firmly to make good decisions currency .

Avoid choosing positions just because other traders are doing . Success is widely discussed , but the failures are not usually speak of merchants. Remember, even the most successful trader can make a bad decision at any time. Be sure to follow your plan and signals , rather than other trader signals.

When you start the journey in trading on the forex, never weakens their participation in many markets too soon. This can cause confusion and frustration. Try to focus on the major currency pairs . This will increase their confidence in their negotiation skills, and increase their chances of success in general.

Using exchange robots are also not recommended. These robots are capable of vendors great profits , but the advantage for buyers is not nearly . Keep your mind on business and make wise decisions about what to do with their money.

Set goals and reassess once you have reached . It may be desirable to set a goal and set a deadline to reach the start of your Forex trading career . Leave some leeway when you're new to Forex. Another factor to consider is the number of hours you can put aside for the exchange of work, not to mention research to do .

Stop losses are an essential tool to reduce risk. Also called stop loss , it will close an operation if a certain level, pre - determined where you want to cut your losses in a specific job is reached.

A common misconception is that the fixed stop losses a trader can be viewed by the market. The idea is that the price is then manipulated to fall under the stop loss , guaranteeing a loss, then manipulated upward.
 This is not only bad , it may be very foolish to trade without stop loss markers.You to be persistent and never give up if you want to be a successful forex trader .
 The market will temporarily break every trader at some point. Dedication is one of the defining qualities that separates successful investors from others. It may sound horrible to continue, but you should stick with it.
You should consult with people who have experience in the trade to be better informed . This article reports new entrants in some key elements of trading on the forex market . Hard work and listen to the advice of his can help traders make a substantial profit .

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The second part of a series:Ideas to work on services sites

We have already mentioned in the first part some ideas that will help you to start providing your services on services sites to make a good profit and I have explained how to make a good profit from Yooker.

Today we will cite some ideas that will help you to creat a good job on the services sites,

The first idea:

I will show for you in this idea a rule applied guarantee you that you will provide differentiated services without having the experience for anything!!!

So how is it!
service! And Exclusive! And even odder than that without any experience?

Yes, you can:

The rule is: Do not required to have experience in the field of what services are provided through the service sites, but you can provide any service without any experience with the help of the person experienced.

 Let's say for example you want to service design propaganda services sites which service is required, but you do not know anything about the design propaganda you can implement what you ask of services (design propaganda) with the help of the Office of Advertising on the ground in line with them, for example, to do the job every design compared to 10 pounds if you are Egyptian and you are providing service to five dollars and deduct them from the site, which offers services through a single dollar, you have to stay four dollars and their value after deducting a commission conversion equal to about 20 pounds, or a little more.

The audited the interest of this application, we will find that you have achieved a gain of 50% of the value of the service without having any experience in the domain of design propaganda, if we apply this idea is not only to design propaganda but on all Domains, such as translation and others.
 You'll discover in the end that I put between your hands the idea of ​​thee distinct professional services provider with ease and without any experience in any of the areas. 

In the following article we will expand more and mention other ideas characteristic to achieve the greatest return from service sites.

If you have any queries or perhaps other ideas or would like to just comment on this idea comments box below

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The first part of a Series:Ideas to work on services sites

May be heard by services sites that the quality of the sites that you as an intermediary between buyer and seller, and may have read about this topic before, either in this website or in another location, and I will not repeat what you know, but I will put you plan that carried trod this way and achieved first earnings from the internet that you're a novice or identified by the last profit from the Internet that you have already embarked on a path that has achieved some results.

Plan today :First: Sign up to a services sites,but just one, for example: Yooker

Second: browse the site well and discover a way to do it yourself , check out the models of the services provided and not services best seller , and services the most rated , check out the pages of people 's best-selling in Yooker and amended this page to be a people 's best-selling this month , study services that make.Third: when you find a good service and you see that you can make it, copy submitted to the Word file and the collection of these services in a special file and
give him a name "the proposal submission services on Yooker" .Fourth: having found some of the services you can provide search services that can not be submitted but it is possible to learn the way in which these services you provide , Collect these services and put it into another file and give him a name: "the service can be learned for presentation on Yooker".

An example of these services to be clarified more : what happened to me when I started on the Yooker I'm just like you, have found it difficult and I felt that I can not provide any of the services , but I you do the steps mentioned above you, and I found that there are services often require the Yooker and discovered that these services are provided to all sites and services occupies this quality of services ranked first in terms of sales , this service is to increase followers , increase fan , increase subscribers , whether on Facebook or YouTube and many others and a lot of these services , and I was surprised when I read the figures , which can be scaled up quickly and awesome in a day or two , and I thought a little bit and found out that these services can not be carried out manually , either it be implemented through a specific program or through a particular site and therefore sped into the Google search engine to look for it and you're right when you find that the numbers increase sites exchanges and there prepare fake 10 thousands of followers in a day and forty thousand followers in two days implemented through specific programs and scripts .

So I studied these sites and I'm tried on my accounts first to discover how effective they then offered my first services in Yooker But before I went to introduce service to page to find top -selling first service has increased 300 followers to your Twitter ,When set up the first service on the site , an increase of followers also 've written 320 followers to your Twitter , did you see I've increased the number of observers and to provide service and a larger number of the first person on the site So what was the result of doing this thing , began to requests heaped on and began to wheel spin me finally.

What I discovered what happened to me on the Yooker that anyone can succeed and achieve the profits did not expect and it depends on you in the end, then you are of decided that starts in a particular route and the end of the walk in the way of another so choose what you want from the road and walk in it and be sure of result. 

Good Luck :)