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Friday, November 15, 2013

Make money Online-Fourth Part of a series of profit from the Internet

How do you write a short personal article?

Good question, while there are many suggestions on how to write an
article, but there are things that must be taken into account if you want to make money onlinet.
The next time, when you write a short personal
article, ask yourself ... Who writes them? Do you write for the readers of your blog (humans) or search engines (robots)? Make money online, you must write, first and foremost, to your readers, and then the search engines.
Now let's separate for each order separately ...

 First, how to write a short personal article for your readers:

1. Unique: Just like DNA, which varies from one person to another, as well as the writing style also varies from one person to another. When you write an article self - make it as well, Express Yourself, use your own words, to exchange views, your feet and more importantly, try to connect with your readers (like start a discussion). In my opinion, this is what makes the story unique, and nothing else.

2.Quality: Focus on what you write, and try not to go out on the subject.Make a thorough research before you start telling your readers about something.If you recommend a particular product or service, make a thorough search of what you will write about and collect the results analyzed, it was deduced your own conclusions then. If you have would like to share experiences of others, do providing arguments and evidence.So doing, you will get the credibility and gain the trust of readers, Success is way difficult as you can see.

3.Filed something useful: It's a simple mathematical process. Combine elements 1 and 2 mentioned previously and will be so sure that what you write will be of value and interest to your readers. Just remember:

"Your visitors want to read a blog with useful content and values. So Mark always monument eyes these two things whenever you want to write a new personal essay. When you read forums reader should feel comfortable and benefit, and this is the first step towards the acquisition of the public, access to visitors, and thus make money online. "
Second, how to write a short personal essay for search engines:
The second and most important part in essay writing is self - modify and adapt the article for search engines. Search engines will bring visitors to your blog and here lies the importance , especially if you want to make money online . Why? Because these visitors are using search engines to find something specific forums may be talking about, so it's important to create your articles for the search engines so they are accessed by users. So what benefit to be forums distinctive and useful content if no one can access it and read it . Is not it?Configuration for the search engines is an important aspect must be taken into account when you write a personal essay for your blog , and especially if you are serious about make money online .That's all , that's basically what I believe you need to write a personal essay is a good short . But I am sure that you also have the views of a different opinion , and for this I would like you to share it here, with us.

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