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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The first part of a Series:Ideas to work on services sites

May be heard by services sites that the quality of the sites that you as an intermediary between buyer and seller, and may have read about this topic before, either in this website or in another location, and I will not repeat what you know, but I will put you plan that carried trod this way and achieved first earnings from the internet that you're a novice or identified by the last profit from the Internet that you have already embarked on a path that has achieved some results.

Plan today :First: Sign up to a services sites,but just one, for example: Yooker

Second: browse the site well and discover a way to do it yourself , check out the models of the services provided and not services best seller , and services the most rated , check out the pages of people 's best-selling in Yooker and amended this page to be a people 's best-selling this month , study services that make.Third: when you find a good service and you see that you can make it, copy submitted to the Word file and the collection of these services in a special file and
give him a name "the proposal submission services on Yooker" .Fourth: having found some of the services you can provide search services that can not be submitted but it is possible to learn the way in which these services you provide , Collect these services and put it into another file and give him a name: "the service can be learned for presentation on Yooker".

An example of these services to be clarified more : what happened to me when I started on the Yooker I'm just like you, have found it difficult and I felt that I can not provide any of the services , but I you do the steps mentioned above you, and I found that there are services often require the Yooker and discovered that these services are provided to all sites and services occupies this quality of services ranked first in terms of sales , this service is to increase followers , increase fan , increase subscribers , whether on Facebook or YouTube and many others and a lot of these services , and I was surprised when I read the figures , which can be scaled up quickly and awesome in a day or two , and I thought a little bit and found out that these services can not be carried out manually , either it be implemented through a specific program or through a particular site and therefore sped into the Google search engine to look for it and you're right when you find that the numbers increase sites exchanges and there prepare fake 10 thousands of followers in a day and forty thousand followers in two days implemented through specific programs and scripts .

So I studied these sites and I'm tried on my accounts first to discover how effective they then offered my first services in Yooker But before I went to introduce service to page to find top -selling first service has increased 300 followers to your Twitter ,When set up the first service on the site , an increase of followers also 've written 320 followers to your Twitter , did you see I've increased the number of observers and to provide service and a larger number of the first person on the site So what was the result of doing this thing , began to requests heaped on and began to wheel spin me finally.

What I discovered what happened to me on the Yooker that anyone can succeed and achieve the profits did not expect and it depends on you in the end, then you are of decided that starts in a particular route and the end of the walk in the way of another so choose what you want from the road and walk in it and be sure of result. 

Good Luck :) 

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