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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Types of e-marketers

Marketers are using free methods:

There are many marketers who turn to free roads in marketing due to:

- Bad Financial condition of the marketer.
- Novice and wants to bring the amount first to be used in ways paid.
- Believes the most effective ways free of paid roads

And numerous free ways to promote goods and products used by marketers various categories :

1 - Seo and this is the best way you can come out of the visitor as they come visitors targeted dramatically. 
2 - Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus.
3 - various forums you can book Threads about the product you shopping him.
4 - site mailing list.

Marketers are using paid methods:

The roads paid easy when compared to the free ways due to the provision of time and effort together and marketers varies from one person to another by the target of the roads paid there:

- Marketers professionals who arrived to a large degree will enable them to pay large sums to promote products which Marketed.
- newbies Marketers, but want to make a high profit in a short time.
newbies Marketers do not know how to do free methods due to the lack of domain expertise.
There are many forms of paid roads used by marketers are as follows:
1 - Use Google Ads (google Adwords)
2 - Use Facebook ads (advertising campaigns on Facebook).
3 - Use the declarations of the agreement with the owners of large sites.

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