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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to create content on your site or blog

Keep in mind that the creation of the content of the most important things that can be taken care of at the site because it negatively or positively affect the number of visitors through search engines and archiving affect your site's search engine.
You can rely on yourself in the writing of the content or make anyone writes threads you properly or buy articles ready and put it on your site like a exclusive articles.

Considerations that must be taken into account when creating content:

You must learn the You arise content to be fit for reading by visitors and not for search engines only and you must take into account many things in order to be content proportionally with the search engine and visitors at the same time.
First: Address : Stay away from decorations and additions that do not have any value in the title of the article , which will put it in your site , for example , do not write ( Download the program better Yahoo Chat program for the year 2013 ) , but type ( Download Yahoo 2013).
Second: You mentioned your keyword to the article in the title , for example , if the article is talking about Yahoo program must be the address contains the word Yahoo (download Yahoo , 2013).
Third: Do not you create content less than 211 words in order to give the search engines attention to your article and you , featuringOn that subject indispensable and important information for researchers.
Fourth: keywords, you must take into account this point dramatically there in most scripts, whether Alordbers or forums places to put keywords in article that you type are keywords very important element when writing and contribute significantly to raising the order of the subject in the search engine, and writes by placing a comma between every other word is as follows (the word, word, word, word) with the required putting words everywhere these words.

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