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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tips values ​​for each beginner Forex market

We will talk in this article about the things that must be cares beginner in Forex Market If you are interested in trading in the currency market.

Beginning Do you know the barrier between you and success in Forex? It's emotions, yes it is emotions dry up for success and profits in forex must have the ability to control your emotions when you start work in the forex market.

So it has to be at own way make you can control your mind and do not give room where your feelings to control and affect your decisions in the forex market, you must make your psychological Forex trader professional post with trading professionally and not like a beginner waste of your time and your efforts. 

We read a lot about the statistics that say that 95% of forex traders lose their accounts freshmen in the first month so as to follow their emotions and feelings of control during labor and to their desire to make a profit a lot, as well as fear for their capital and fear of exposure to failure. 

 There are basics to control the emotions, which is to follow the trading strategy be your own trader Forex professional you can with it to control your feelings, as well as the you own a plan trading help you a lot in having specific rules do not abandon them never make trading in the currency market is and how the process and make you awayintervention in trading sentiment, and you will see the positive results achieved days after the other and you can control your feelings because you will begin work in an orderly fashion and will leave the unorganized way randomized controlled emotions.

Forex market's largest financial markets do not take into account those who do not apply the scientific basis to deal with it must possess the highest standards of restraint and control and control emotions, we must reach a trader Forex professional after set your plan in trading after the designed strategy of your own take into account where these points:

(Currency pair - frame - Capital Management - loss rate - the expected value - the technical indicators - the method for determining states and exit points)
After you own this strategy your start trading in the currency market by relying upon and considered the main source of your decisions in trading, you can not access the market or get out of it without indicating strategy so and leave your emotions aside and if you find that your losses are still in control you can start working on the strategy and development timeanother until it reaches out to make a profit and success.

Despite being can this work directly, but remain our emotions control us and cause us loss in this large market if you can't control your emotions, we find a beginner in the currency market is facing the loss of small difficulty and perhaps hits from work and it would bring losses magnify him,therefore, if subjected to tension in making strategic decisions away from there enter the market and stay away temporarily not traded on this day.

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