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Monday, October 28, 2013

Groups that operate in the forex market

There are many groups working in the forex market and will learn in this article on those constituent groups this huge market, "Forex", namely:

Major central banks:

These banks are the biggest in the world and is working quantities traded large and acquires 34% of the amount of trading in the Forex and be those banks belonging to the institutions or Governmental It is the task of controlling interest rates , inflation, currency and seeks to increase the economic growth of the countries and the stability of currency rates and months, the names of those banks : U.S. Federal Reserve Bank , or ( U.S. Federal Reserve Bank ) and the abbreviated ( FED )European Central Bank ( ECB ) or the ( European Central Bank ) and abbreviated (ECP)Bank of England or the ( Bank Of England ) and abbreviated (BOE)Bank of Japan or ( Bank Of Japan ) and abbreviated (BOJ)Bank of Canada or the ( Bank of Canada ) and abbreviated (BOC)

 Those called insider between these banks inter bank market.

There are customers in these central banks of them, who works for profitable purposes and some of them work for commercial purposes and you will know them in detail.

customers  For profitable purposes:

- Brokerage firms:
Companies are intermediate offering services to small investors and individuals in Forex and those companies are getting quantities traded major currencies in order to enable small investors get a chance to trade and work in the forex market and represents brokerage firms 7% of daily trading volume.

- Investment firms:
Is a huge investment companies which are in investment management companies, pension funds and donations, representing 23.3% of the value of daily trading in the Forex market.

- Investment Funds:
Funds are a great investment that allows Investors Login certain minimum in large amounts and is working in all financial markets and within those markets, the currency market also is used ratios high risk in order to be able to get the percentage of big profits and get those funds on commissions from the ratio of profits earned bycustomers investors in those funds.

- Retail investors huge sums owners:
 Are the owners of the huge capital and have their financial dealings in most financial markets and the currency market in order to be able to get a high profit from their trades in the currency market.

-Customers for commercial purposes:
They are the businesses that you are buying and selling of goods and services against foreign currencies.


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