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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Three ways to increase the "Page Rank"

Page Rank is dotting submitted giant Google google for sites to allow him to be arranged by this punctuation. If it is very important for website owners, but find that the website owners is the obsession in this arrangement. For example, if you have a site that has over 100 Multi-exclusive, brings you this site 500 hits per day and has a 0 from the 10 Page Rank,

Do you know if we add a single tag him what would happen? You will find that the percentage of visits up to 1000% or 10 fold, meaning become your 5000 visit daily visits instead of 500 a visit, and this is the secret of the great conflict between the sites on this arrangement.

Now that we know the importance of this Page Rank, I'm your hands are simple ways which can increase the Page Rank.

First: a simple method and easy and inexpensive, belonging to invest visits owned to the farthest boundaries, viz:
You should take advantage of any visitor to your site from now on and this by:

- Mastering the writing topics and put some incentives for reading from first topic start with questions may unthinkable any site owner and amplify the outcome of the subject in an appropriate manner and not overpriced. 

- Thread Beauty and develop and aesthetic touches to bring more attention to the visitor.
And so you and your intelligence....

The significance of this is to keep the visitor to the fullest extent in your website or blog, which is the largest scale adoption by Google  in the ranking of your site, because visits the easiest thing to have come up with them through social networking sites, etc. But you can come up with content good, granulator for the visitor and this what you want Google to knowthe length of visits to your site.
Second: something overlooked by all bloggers an internal links may be more important than external links much because it shows the cohesion of the site and a good correlation between the themes and this is one of the most important metrics Google.

Third: We also recommend that you use some paid programs to spread your links in a wide range of high beige RNC sites that give links  (dofollow) and not  (nofollow) and this also is very important in increasing the Page Rank for your site or blog.
Enjoy :)

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