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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seo and how to predispose your site for search engine

In the previous article we discovered what is (SEO) and why is it important if you want people (and search engines) to find your web site. But before diving into the depths of the Seo, it is important to define your and your position on the grid, to take decisions on your own goals and determine an appropriate and successful plan for you.

As mentioned in a previous article , the search engines are looking for sites related things that people look for and also be easy to navigate and archiving for her . Reminded us that the way to find search engines on the Web page is either that someone told them their existence by adding them to the search engine , or that the search engine may follow a link from another site leads to this page. So the first thing you should do is look for your website in search engines , such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, to find out what has been inserted from the pages of a private site , and also know the sites that contain links leading to your site . You can find out sites linked to the site by typing specific commands into the search engine . For example , "Link:" and will be listed on the web pages that contain links pointing to your home page. For a more comprehensive view of all the sites that enables Google to find inside links to pages on your site , you can open an account Google Webmaster, and you will be able to carry out all his Google  .

Your next task is to determine what you expect from people writing in search engines to find your site on sites like things offered by it. When someone searches for something in a search engine will search using "Keywords." These words may be different, what is general, including what is special .
These are the steps that will be taken to search for keywords of high quality that will perform well in the search results:

- Select your most important job, or a product or service (for example: a lawyer).
- Add a description of the word above to provide a more precise (for example: a
companie lawyer)
- If you have to focus on a particular place, you can add the name of the city of words (for example: lawyer Alex companies).

Your goal should be is to find the words that people look for significantly, but also those that are not targeted by a large number of other sites. Do not try to create a site for a large number of keywords.Just focused on the main keyword and 4 additional keywords and then review the extent of competition and the search for these words.
You can use a tool to suggest keywords such as Google AdWords, which I'm sure it will help a lot in finding the appropriate keywords for your site.

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