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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top Google AdSense Alternatives - High Paying

AdSense Alternatives ! - This keyword is set to search for bloggers and publishers when they are sick and disapproval mails again . So if you are also one of those who do not miss this post because then you will get some paid alternatives to Google AdSense.As it seems that Google AdSense is the best advertising platform in the world where advertisers and publishers are busy and happy in ads . Most novice bloggers just depends on adsense monetization all is not good and also apply their blogs to get approved AdSense account. Moreover, Adsense network is growing day by day and are also very strict policies in which beginners are unable to get the account approved . Sometimes these blogs are private which comply with Adsense policies but has your choice to do or not an editor .Thus, beginners are disappointed at the moment and lose hope of making money with blogs. But wait , the world does not stop there, take a small example of the practice of everyday life. When you buy something at any store , simply take a mobile and is not available in this store that you do this time ? It is likely that other store you are in the mobile market . So if you do not give monetization adsense ads you can go to other alternatives. Well, it may be new and not know other alternatives , so here is a list of some of the adsense alternatives with some information.A.
 BuySellAdsBuySellAds is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense you can use to monetize your blog. This is not very different from adsense but you can make even more money than adsense. First, you will need to apply for a publisher account and once approved, you are ready to go . No need to create advertising space on your blog and your blog is listed in directory BuySellAds . IT advertisers can look at your blog and if anyone is interested in what advertising can buy advertising space on your blog for 30 days or few months . The price is set for each location. The more traffic you have, you can increase the price of placing ads most wins .Two . Media.netBing Yahoo contextual advertising network , also known as because they contract between . You can also make money from your blog with display their ads on your blog. Is CPM (Cost Per Thousand ) or RPM (revenue per mile) advertising network that pays you for miles of tracks just yet. As always , you must first apply and obtain approval of the application of codes of advertising on your blog to start monetizing your blog. In reports, is that RPM automatically adapts and high speed depends on the quality of traffic. If the ads get 1,000 impressions you get this RPM RPM lets suppose prices is $ 1. If the plan is $ 2 and receives 5,000 print ads will win $ 10.Three . InfolinksPeople also use Infolinks to monetize their textual content. We bloggers and wrote most of the articles in different niches for Infolinks is text content sites your ads are somewhat related to that. After adopting and implementing the ad code on your blog , ads appear differently. After adding code when you check your blog , a few words of text content containing links about it . In fact, this network advertising , the ads are shown on the textual content in which some words will become relevant links to the script itself yet. So when your readers will read your articles and someone clicks on the advertising links that are paid .April . PeerFlyPeerFly is something that can help you win big budget less traffic . This is completely different from all the networks and also through AdSense. Is CPA ( cost per action) international ad affiliate network that pays you to action. First, you will need to approved account and then you can see some of the different types of affiliate offers it. Is international and all categories of bids so you will need your browser offers related niche. After finding a job relevant to your blog niche that you can promote this offer on your blog by putting a flag , sending personalized emails for blog readers , blog, etc, and when one of their players take measures to ensure that the offers only assume Offer to buy something and if the player makes a purchase to be paid easily.May . ChitikaChitika is also popular and the best adsense alternative. Chitika is almost the same as adsense but some things are changed chitika . You must create a publisher account and have ad tags from there you have to implement your blog. The most relevant ads begin appearing on your site and when someone clicks on the ads you get paid . Things Chitika has advanced pop -up ads, classifieds chassis and certain types of ads more than they will help to earn extra income . Payments can be done easily with PayPal if PayPal is not available you can use the recording method to receive payment by check.Other AdSense Alternatives

Kontera : cost network advertising per click basis containing In-Text , mobile ads and displays . Minimum threshold of $ 50 payment with PayPal , Wire and check payment methods .
Clicksor : In- Text ads, text banners , display, pop -y types of interstitial ads can be found on the network. Minimum threshold of $ 50 and the time of payment are net 15 days.
Bidvertiser : Objectives and CPC banner ads also display text . Net 30 day payment period minimum threshold of $ 10 PayPal. Bank Transfer and Western Union are available .
Qadabra : Only display ads Qadabra and pay on a CPM . Threshold is only $ 1 to $ 500 PayPal and bank transfer.
Link Worth : This network has many of those ads , including specific text, display, sponsored posts , and In- Text. Payments are made every 30 days and the minimum threshold is $ 25 and $ 100 by bank transfer with PayPal .
PublicityClerks : Is buying flags and network of direct sales like BuySellAds . You will be paid when an advertiser buying ad space on your blog for 30 days. Payments are made through PayPal.
MadAdsMedia : Cost per thousand based advertising network that pays 1,000 impressions . Note: Your ads malware detection caused few days ago. Sooner or later, they may fix it, but be careful with them.
AdSide : Target Text , Mobile , In - Stock , In -Video , Pop- under ad type with $ 50 minimum payment limit Check.
Vibrant Media : redemption of the screen in text , picture -in and the types of image ads are available at the minimum threshold of the net $ 50 per check and bank transfer . Time is the net pay of 45 days.
Intellilinks : In - text only PayPal payment method and 30 days in ad net pay .
BlogAds : Flags of direct sales and shopping network where you can sell advertising space for 30 days. Price of advertising space are your own choice and payments are made through PayPal and bank transfer.
Tribal Fusion : It seems the best CPM ads network and the perfect alternative to adsense. Profits are high in the network being a member of them can be difficult. The minimum payment is $ 100 with PayPal and bank transfer.
Casale Media : This is the advertising network that pays based on CPM impressions . It can be the perfect alternative to adsense if approved there, but that only selects high traffic sites . The minimum payment of $ 25 via PayPal and Check.
Shareasale : cost per action affiliate program based advertising network that pays to complete the action.
Junction Release : advertising network based Pop- under ads display when any visitor leaves your website popup ads come and pay when someone clicks on the ads.

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