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Monday, November 11, 2013

Success factors in e-marketing commission

In this short article we will talk, God willing, all the key factors for success in the world of e-marketing affiliate or commission. Let's star..

 Company that offers a product or offer:

Should explore the experts and users of companies that develop offers that will shop and to know the history of this company since when it works Do you really pay and the stability of the company and its reputation in the market and is it a new company or an old and valuable.

The company's ability to provide suitable offers for the content of your site and this is one of the most important points that must be taken into account Does the company provide me with performances suitable for the content of my site or not.
Is the company deals with the countries from which my visitors or not.

The approximate percentage of commission imposed by the company to advertisers when a publishers marketing their product.
 Product and service to be marketed :

we should take this point well in mind because it is one of the most important points in the completion of a successful e-marketing and has several factors :
Product Quality Is a high - quality product or a weak product does not attract buyers .My ability to market the product and understand what is talking about you should be familiar with the product and on the understanding and awareness of its content because you will not be able to display or sale of a product do not understand what they already speak .
Product New or Old must know this point well and tested well which Is the product is old and the Publishers Many promoting his tribal or product again and I'll find a good opportunity to promote it suitable product for my visitors simply will not be my talking about weight loss and I put a product is talking about profit from the Internet
Website :
We must give great importance to website because it is simply your store on the internet and place that sells the products to make a profit .
How to put banner or advertisement product within your site there are some places that are recommended by the experts , there are also strategies to advertise Be informed them where they change from time to time.
Colors and design your site and ads must be non- repellent and be fairly simple and inoffensive to the eye.
Active browsing speed should be at a good level so that does not happen significant weight in making the site visitor escapes from your site and negatively impact on your site in the search engines .
Use good content management software and free , though paid must be licensed and away from the demilitarized scripts tags because they Exhibition on the closure and disclosure at any time.
Server or hosting your site chose a good hosting so that does not happen to your site frequently 
 stops .

Marketing plan :
This point is the most important point in the entire marketing process because they are the way to target visitors who come from everywhere to see the content of your site and ads developed by the articles that you have written about products that shopping and there are different ways of marketing plan .
FREE ways : a free ways to bring visitors and enables you to come visitors are viewing your content targeted Examples of free roads ( SEO - social networks such as Facebook and Twitter ).
Ways paid : and summed up in paid advertising such as PPC or Pay Per Click pay for clicks Examples of this advertising system (GoogleAdwords - Facebook ads ) or system CPM or Cost Per Impression or payment for appearing here are paid to companies that announce to you about your site or your product versus CPM examples include ( Facebook ads )
Visitors :
The visitor is controlled first and last in the percentage of profits that at one stage turns visitor to buyer always continued sources of visitors , and I know where to come and what are the countries to which they belong have helping you to choose the best deals to suit your site and your visitors Be in touch with them through mailing list and through Facebook and Twitter .
Always take your visitors saw everything in and share with you on the site and do the questionnaires on a particular topic you want mentioned in them .
Do not overload the visitors not underestimate their minds in writing or in the product offer because just like that the site was created for them , who are in control of the percentage of your earnings .

Can shorten the above mentioned factors on the success in the world of marketing commission : In the following ten points :
1 - visitor target , be fully aware that the visitor target is the only way in which they can make a profit with
affiliate programs every marketing methods all purpose ( visitor target) .

2 - Create a site commensurate with the needs of your visitors ( All factors operate to satisfy the visitor ) .

3 - Select the right product for your visitors then it could be your site 's visitors interested in the program and you put advertisements related to lose weight or hosting.

4 - always happened visitor for the product in the form of advice , always make him feel you are doing his service when given him this product and is not intended profit out of it.

5 - Be permanently communicate with visitors through social networks (such as Facebook - Twitter ) and others.

6 - your mailing list of the biggest secrets of your success is not overly this golden opportunity for profit and achieve a lot.

7 - give gifts to visitors continuously example : when you subscribe to the mailing list Say Subscribe to the mailing list now and get the book( X name)  price $ 56 for free.

8 - possess capabilities that help to persuade and communicate with your visitor.

9 - manage your campaigns well and follow them meticulously .

10 - careful selection of places to place ads for the product within your site .

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