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Monday, October 28, 2013

Make money online-the second part of a series of profit from the Internet

Now it has completed your plan, as I have already mentioned in a previous article of the series - Win via the Internet - the first part, it is now time to pass on to the next stage. What we would like to address him in this article is four things. Select a slice ( Niche) which will work with it, learning HTML and other stuff that probably will need it, buy a good domain (Domain Name) and finally get a hosting service (Web Hosting), which will assess your own site.

Now, let's start with defining slice site (Niche) of your own.

- Identify you Niche :

Again, let's start by saying the same old thing. To make money online, you need to display. For visitors, you have to do a lot of things (such as SEO, internet marketing, etc. - Yes, I know that this annoying), but most important of all is to provide something useful to your readers values​​. This is the best way to profit from the Internet.

 Now, answer to this question is, how do you provide something valuable if what you write about not only your personal experiences?
Make money Online comes first is visitors . Which are those users who are looking for something, whether it is an answer to a specific question or something, and therefore, they are the people who are your best interest lies with them. Do not get me wrong, I love my loyal readers and interact with them constantly. That by building a network of friends and loyal readers on the Internet, you will gain credibility and win their support. This is something of great value.

When you want to choose Preferences ( Niche) your own, many people will tell you that you should write about something important for you. And I'll go a little further than that and say, to write about something you're an expert. If you're good at something, offer tips financial, about video games, how to be a good mother, writing, web design, tips on blogging, the SEO or anything else, remember and always make sure that what you would like to write him would be a valuable and useful for people who are looking for answers to their questions. As provided more information the better.

- Learn HTML and basic rules :

You might say that this may not be important for you, but trust me when I say that you have to learn the basics of HTML and programming techniques. One place and recommend it to begin with and learning is a relatively easy and simple is It's free, and you can learn a lot and a lot of wonderful things.

- Get a (Domain Name) suitable and your own:

No one argue or question the importance of this. If you're serious about your trip to make money via the internet, you must reserve your  (domain name) for yourself. Regardless of where it will host your site, this is the only condition that must be attention in the beginning. Whenever you book early thy domain the better. You will regret it in the future if you do not. I will not go into details more because I  will talk about getting Domain and its importance and how to buy a domain in coming articles.

- Get a Paid Hosting :

If the domain name (Domain Name) represents your home (which is the default in the world), the thought of hosting your site as a piece of land on which they settled home. Whether you decide to choose a free hosting or paid hosting, things that you should consider is the reliability and credibility of hosting that you will use. Free hosting, I recommend using because it allows you to use the domain name (domain), your Add to that faced an interactive, beautiful and easy to use.

If you choose to use paid hosting (which strongly recommend), then you should definitely use WordPress. It is an application easy to use and you can control from the establishment in the form of a blog site quickly and easily. All you need to make sure it is the choice of host-driven reliable as it should also be available on the good deals in terms of price, space granted, Bandwidth, ... There are many hosting services that provide almost everything is "unlimited", and this is the right choice . Just search and you'll find that, God willing, what suits you best.

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